Legal Notice

Texbeta helps you to send a notice, if someone fail to comply with some specified condition.
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What Is Legal Notice ?

The Government official made it mandatory for all NGO/Society/ Trust to take registration in Niti Aayog before moving to any government department to present their project.


ngo registration

Minimum Requirement


  • 01
    Consult with a lawyer
  • 02
    Share all the information with lawyer
  • 03
    The lawyer then drafts the notice in a legal language
  • 04
    The notice is attested by both the client and the lawyer
  • 05
    Sent via registered post or courier,
  • 06
    Acknowledgement is retained


  • Step 1:

    Connect with a lawyer who has good drafting skills. The notice should be addressed to the person against whom you have the grievances.

  • Step 2:

    n your consulting session with the lawyer, please explain the information in detail – along with the names of parties involved, addresses, dates when commitments were made and not honoured, challenges and issues faced, any previous attempts at dialogue, etc.

  • Step 3:

    The lawyer carefully studies the information you have shared, makes the relevant and required notes in the conversation with you, and seeks any additional information, if required.

  • Step 4:

    The lawyer then drafts the notice in a legal language – clearly mentioning the reason for sending the notice, all previous communications regarding the cause of notice and to offer the addressee a reasonable time

  • Step 5:

    The notice is duly signed by both the client and the lawyer. It is either sent via registered post or courier, and the acknowledgement is retained. Usually, a copy of the notice is retained by the lawyer.

  • Step 6:

    The expectation is that after the notice is received by the other party, they will reply back.

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